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Hey guys! I won't keep this long on account it's getting late where I am, so hang tight while I dish it for you! :D

First & foremost, I want to thank all of you for the support that you have recently & even from the beginning have given me.
Lots of you can be credited to my inspiration, be it fans who drive me to create, critics who slow me down to assess & haters who act as the fuel to keep me going. I want to show you all I can strive to do my thing, supplement what I have with your feedback & prove I'll be successful in whatever it is I put my mind to. Big, BIG, thanks to all of you.

Which moves me to where I am right now. If you've watched me from the start, you know I dumped everything I had into my DA account from the jump. Any drawing, sketch, whatever it was, I was posting 30+ deviations a month. It was an exciting time for me, being the first time I ever exhibited my work on the virtual world's stage. I had always been told by relatives & peers that I had talent, and as a kid, you expect a certian amount of 'attaboys' from those around you. But, there's something special in getting accolades from someone you've never met & having the only bridge between you be your artwork. Now as the time pressed on, soon I found myself drawing things that I thought everyone wanted to see. This was to be the draining factor in my creativity & on anyone who creates I believe. The firstfruits were anything and everything I'd drawn then & before, no impressing factors, merely things I felt I wanted to draw, thus I drew. In time, mulling over what's "hip" & cool at the moment painted myself into a corner & forced me on to what soon became a need-to-draw basis. Naruto dropped, "HEY I'm drawing Naruto" for the moment. Then Bleach, and so on and so forth until I began producing breaks in my output until the next flavor of the week presented itself for me to draw from.... A sad decline. From that point, the breaks became lengthier & lengthier until i found days, weeks & almost months would pass without me creating because for the first time in my life, i didn't know what to draw.

This seeped into whatever work I had & would rear its head at the most inopportune moments, wreaking a chain reaction of stagnation & inactivity. I still battle it to this day.

It's a vicious cycle I'm contending with, of which I'm sure there are more like me (maybe some of you) dealing with the same thing.  I just want to thank those of you exercising the utmost patience with me & anyone having faith I can get back on the horse I was tossed from long ago. Also, I'm trying to reply more & show appreciation to your feedback (positive or negative) so we can all uplift each other in this thing we call art. Lots of you are counting on me, be it commissions, promotions, Megiddo, what-have-you, & I just want you to know I haven't forgot you guys.

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Do you have another website where I can view your art and whatnot?
:iconliquidxlead: for now

That's where most of my art will be migrating too soon enough.
Cool beans!!! Thanks!
Are we going to be seeing more of the caitlyn and jix work?
Yes! I've reached an impasse of sorts, where the coloring has me a might frantic. The flats looks so much better as they are than adding shadows & whatnot. Debates, debates.
Midnitez-REMIX Mar 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi LxL, the game I've made with your Pokemon Liquack in it, well I've finished the demo:… .

Even if you don't get a chance to play it I just thought you should know. :)
you like any of carmessi's work?
Yes, I like Carmessi's work very much.
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